COVID-19 may be causing havoc around the world, but during this time we've been working harder than ever on Easy Brew.

We released a major update on May 15th, and you can read about everything that we've improved and added in our two part post in our updates blog. We'll be releasing even more new features in the coming months.

Major roll-out of updates

The "Now Brewing" sign has been on as we've been working hard improving Easy Brew further, in our mission to continuously strive to create a better experience for you and your customers. These updates have been rolled out to existing Easy Brew sites over the past fortnight, and are available for all new Easy Brew customers as well.

Here's an insight into what we've been working on...

General updates to platform framework:

  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Global CSS styling updates for improved styling consistency across content blocks and site framework
  • Caching improvements to improve site response time and load speed
  • Feature to hide the top nav if you don't wish to have one on your site
  • Re-sync with Ionicons and implementation of an icon preview features in CMS

  • Made WYSIWYG generated tables mobile responsive
  • Implemented dynamic right alignment of mailing list in footer, if not additional footer copy is entered
  • Fixes to unpublished pages pages to ensure they can still be edited in the CMS, and aren't indexed by search engines
  • Implementation of fully functional preview feature, to demo how your pages will look on several common device sizes (find the tutorial video on it in our Tutorial Videos page).

Core updates to Content Blocks:

  • Added unique title fields for many content blocks, as well as the ability to hide titles from certain content blocks
  • WYSIWYG component improvements across all blocks, including the addition of new features to component
  • Creation of a new "Video Gallery Section" block

  • Ability to hide locations table in the "Multi-location Google Map" block
  • Improvements in styling and layout to the "Portfolio" and Gallery block
  • "Instagram" block layout updates
  • Fixes to some minor responsive layout issues with the "Services" and "Process" blocks
  • Improvements to the mechanics of the anchor links across all content blocks
  • Added a WYSIWYG component to the "Contact Section" block
  • Individual theme colour picker set for numerous content blocks

Stay tuned for more great updates will be coming soon!

We are constantly updating Easy Brew with new features and general site improvements. If you have any suggestions on other improvement we can make, please drop an email to or user our contact form.

Cover photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash