COVID-19 may be causing havoc around the world, but during this time we've been working harder than ever on Easy Brew.

We released a major update on May 15th, and you can read about everything that we've improved and added in our two part post in our updates blog. We'll be releasing even more new features in the coming months.

Site-wide updates and improvements

We've been working hard behind the scenes, tweaking, fine-tuning, and ironing out small bugs here and there. After getting the green light from our QA team, we did a mass release of some of these updates on May 15th. Here's a top level breakdown of the improvements we've made:

General updates:

  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes to page navigation structure
  • System pages section to organise core system functions
  • Header styling updates in CSS to enable case sensitive headers
  • Improvements to styling of hyperlinks site wide
    Hyperlink formatting

New SEO features:

  • The Easy Brew system now generates sitemap.xml file automatically
  • You can now turn on and off robots.txt via the CMS
    robots.txt feature

Updates to Content Blocks and Page Templates:

  • Added a title field to the text/image block
  • Enabled anchor links from 'Action Box Section' block
  • Styling updates to the 'Pricing Section' block, including adding WYSIWYG controls to the core content area
  • Improvements to the Google Maps blocks (both Single and Multi-Pin blocks) including additional of an optional title field
  • Several improvements to the Blog articles pages, including styling updates and minor general layout and bug fixes
  • Layout improvements to the 'Features Section' block
  • Enabled anchor links for the 'Statement Section' block, as well as adding WYSIWYG controls for the body text field
  • Several improvements to the 'Contact Section' block, including ensuring emails are sent from a verified email address
  • Styling updates to the 'Team Section' block
  • Major updates to the 'Image Gallery Section' block (now called the 'Gallery Section'). Now you can add YouTube and Vimeo videos to the gallery, and have either manually set thumbnails for them, or have the thumbnails auto-generated within the system. Improvements to gallery scrolling functionality implemented as well.
    Add videos in the Gallery Section block

We are constantly updating Easy Brew with new features and general site improvements. If you have any suggestions on other improvement we can make, please drop an email to or user our contact form.