Quick answers to some frequently asked questions about Easy Brew.

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What are content blocks?

Put simply, content blocks are building blocks that can be inserted, duplicated and arranged into any page of your website, allowing you to mix and match however you require.

The main advantages of this approach as opposed to having fixed templates are:

  • It is very easy to add and update all types of content, including video, images and text.
  • It makes it very simple to create new pages or change existing pages, to fit your content needs.
  • It ensures the site is scalable so that it can grow to whatever size you require, for no additional cost.
  • It is self-sustainable, so that you can easily make overall changes to the content and core site layout going forward, without the need of further technical/programming input.
What is Easy Brew built on?

The Easy Brew front-end is built in a combination of front-end technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and AJAX, whilst the back-end is built on the .Net Framework and runs off the popular Umbraco CMS (content management system).

Can the Easy Brew team help with assembling the site and inputting content?

Yes, we sure can!

If you'd like support, simply let us know and we'll provide you with a template and some guidelines for providing your content to us. We'll also give you instructions on how to supply us with images, videos and any other assets that need to be added to the site.

Can you supply us with an off the shelf version of the site for us to build ourselves?

Yes, we can also provide you with a version of our "Roll-out site" for you to assemble and input content yourselves. We will also provide support and training through videos and other reference materials, as well as local support.

What if a feature I require that does not yet exist on Easy Brew?

The beauty of working with a local team is that you can request add-on features or changes for your site.

If this is the case, let us know what you need and we will quote it for you. Otherwise, keep an eye on our Features blog, where we'll share information on new features that will be rolled out across all the sites.

Is there a sandbox or staging environment I can use to create my site?

There sure is! We will set up a staging/sandbox version of your Easy Brew site while you (or we) are perfecting the content and look and feel of the site. Easy Brew also enables you to set a "maintenance mode" page, so that your site can be locked down so that no outsiders can visit the site until it's ready.

Furthermore, there is a robots.txt feature in the site that enables you to block Google and the likes from indexing your website. It is recommended that this is turned on for your staging site, and then once we push the site live, that you turn it off so that it can be indexed by Search Engines again.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Once your site is live, there is a small monthly fee of $50 + GST. This covers the cost your site's hosting, as well as ongoing support and maintenance of the Easy Brew network. This includes; the development and deployment of new features, security improvements, minor bug improvements, daily server back-ups, and more!

Where will the site be hosted?

We run a managed server for all Easy Brew sites. This allows us to control the ongoing maintenance and updates of the Easy Brew platform, and also ensures you don't have to find alternative hosting arrangements and get bills from multiple sources.

What do I do when my Easy Brew site is ready to go live?

We will help you with every step of the journey for your site's deployment. This includes:

  • Managed the domain name transfer from your existing site to your new Easy Brew site
  • Setting up a SSL certificate to ensure your site complies to high security standards
  • Migration of the site from the staging environment to the live production environment.